Women* CTO Community

We are over 500 women* in tech leadership from across Europe who enjoy technical discussions, networking, and good food.

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We are mostly CTOs and some VPs and Directors of Engineering from all over Europe. We often have a technical background and/or many years of experience working in tech teams. The hashtag #womenintech totally applies.


We have founded our own tech startups, work in scale-ups or in tech departments of larger corporations. We manage teams, divisions, and often much more than that. We are leaders, role models and trailblazers.

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Our guiding principle is "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." In our network, we exchange ideas, discuss experiences and solutions that worked for us, and we support each other through challenging times.
Most importantly: We celebrate our successes! 🎉

Personal Message from our founder

Dear women* CTOs,I've founded the Women* CTO Community back in November 2019 for two reasons:
1) to connect women* in high-ranking tech leadership positions (since it can get rather lonely up there) and 2) to increase your visibility as role models for other women* in tech.
What started as a dinner in a restaurant in Berlin has now grown into a community of over 500 women* from all over Europe and we're regularly meeting virtually as well as locally in person.
In addition, we collaborate with organizations such as 7CTOs, LIDR and CTOcraft, and assist with job search, speaking engagements and personal branding to best serve every member of the community.
I feel incredibly lucky to follow the journey of current and future CTOs and I'm more confident than ever that we can change the face of tech together!Yours, Karla

Events in 2024

July - Women* CTO Dinner Berlin

Past events

Jun 11 - Virtual Women* CTO DinnerJun 5 - Women* CTO Dinner BerlinMar 26 - Virtual Women* CTO DinnerNov 14 - Women* CTO Dinner BerlinNov 7 - Virtual Women* CTO DinnerAug 1st - Virtual Women* CTO DinnerAug 22nd - Women* CTO Dinner BerlinMay 9 - Virtual Women* CTO DinnerApr 27 - In-Person Women* CTO Dinner BerlinApr 17 - In-Person Women* CTO Dinner CopenhagenMar 30 - In-Person Women* CTO Dinner Amsterdam... and about 40 more before that :)

European Cities with 3 or more Women CTOs

These 37 cities are (in alphabetical order):
Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Bergen, Berlin, Brighton, Brussels, Bucharest, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Helsinki, Karlsruhe, Kyiv, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Malmö, Manchester, Milano, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Porto, Reykjavik, Riga, Sofia, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Tallinn, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw, and Zurich.

Our ambassadors, who organize in-person dinners locally, are based in:
Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, Madrid, Munich and Paris.


Shortlisted for the Xena Women In Tech Awards 2023:
The Women CTO Dinner was among the final 5 nominees for the D&I category.

Winner of the #FTAfelicitas award 2023 in the category “Living the NETWORK. #ImpactTogether” by Femtec Alumnae e.V.

Our partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this community for?
As the name suggests, the Women* CTO Dinner is an exclusive community for women* who are
1) at the top of the tech organization (usually referred to as CTO but also CIO and CDO or CTPO are in use) OR
2) one step away from the top (VPs and Directors of Engineering, sometimes also Head of Engineering).

Why is there an asterisk after "Women"?
Because we always understood this community to be an inclusive one, not just for cishet women but generally for overlooked people in leading tech roles.
A German term that is usually used to describe this group is "Flinta*" meaning female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans, agender, and the star is added for anyone else who doesn't want to use these labels. In order to make this open mindset also visible in our name and signal inclusivity as one of our core values, we've added the star to the "Women* CTO Community".

What are the benefits of the Women* CTO community?
The Women* CTO Community is a curated network delivering value to our members in different ways:
1) Connecting you with other (women) CTOs via
a) Internal events (online and also offline, thanks to our local ambassadors)
b) External events by partners (mostly offline)
c) Our closed LinkedIn group where you can exchange freely with other members
2) Advancing you in your career by
a) Partnering with other organizations that are i.e. offering free coaching (CTO Craft, 7CTOs), special Tech Leadership education (Lidr.co, Aspiring Women CTOs) or are specialized in CTO recruiting
b) Sharing attractive job offers from the network
c) Sharing speaking opportunities
3) Increasing your visibility and personal branding by
a) Collaborating with podcasts (Tech Captains, Codestory)
b) Publishing portraits about you (if you consent)

Which cities currently have a local ambassador?
At the moment, we have ambassadors based in 9 cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Madrid, Munich, London and Paris.

There's a fee for the internal events. What's that about?
Instead of a monthly or annual membership fee, we've opted for a voluntary amount for the internal events to continue connecting women CTOs throughout Europe, curating the community and delivering value to you.
We didn't want a fixed ticket price since it felt more inclusive when each person could give what she is able and what the community is worth to her.

Who's the sponsor behind the Women* CTO Community?
There is no sponsor behind the Women* CTO Community as we want to remain independent, so we can deliver real value to our members instead of providing free food in exchange for listening to boring sales pitches :)
We absolutely love working with partners though to expand our value proposition and contribute to changing the tech industry together! These are our current partners.

Are you a woman* in Tech Leadership too?

Join our inner circle of leading #womenintech for lively discussions and meaningful connections!

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Women* CTO Conference

10 September 2024 - Berlin

The first conference for Women* CTOs world wide. A one day immersion in community, knowledge sharing and connection. In the Google offices in the heart of Berlin.Join us in celebrating women in tech and paving the way for gender equality in the industry. Let's learn, share and grow together.